Mundi Tours Services

Services we offer for travel agencies and tour operators:


Tailor conventional and specialized programas for all tourist segments and attend a La carte requests.
Specialized tourism focused on fishing, diving, dance, adventure and nature, and for students programs, making it possible to satisfy a wide range of options and needs.
Assistance and coordination with Cuban organizations related to the clients demands and interests, especially towards the ample variety of congresses, events, workshops, master’s degrees, summer courses, which take place all year long/every year in Cuba. We coordinate the pre-diagnosis evaluations for visitors interested in medical consultation and treatment.
Car rental services, transportation and hotel accommodations throughout the Island.
Multidestination package to Cancun.
Fantastic tour options covering the main excursions, entertainment and heritage sites with tour guides specialized in these areas.
Accompanied/assisted arrival and departure. Assistance with migratory matters and in the event of an extension or modification of a journey requested by the client during their visit to Cuba.