Guamá constitutes a natural place of singular attraction that is located in the Marsh of Zapata, territory that by the way presents a significant contrast since it is the biggest municipality in Cuba assisting to its surface and in turn the lee inhabited.
Guamá has an approximate surface of 70 thousand square meters counting the isles where the 44 wooden built cabins of real palm refined and leaves of palm cane settle very well. In Guamá there are wooden bridges, flowers and ornamental plants and equally there are 26 figures of mud created by the noted Cuban artist Rita Longa. These sculptures reflect the activity and the way of life of the primitive inhabitants of Cuba, and fro that reason, some figures represent the cacique (the chief of the community in those times), the sorcerer and the fishermen, while others are representative for example of labor activities as the cropping and the cultivation of the yucca.


In Guamá, located in the Lagoon of the Treasure, in the middle of heart of the Marsh of Zapata, a flora and very characteristic fauna can be appreciated. There are ducks and birds that arrive and they leave the area, such as The Negritos and the Goatherd of the marsh. The Lagoon of the Treasure has 16 square kilometers of surface approximately and its maximum width is of four kilometers. In its central part there are six meters deep.
In the tourist center there is also a wooden pool, a restaurant and the house-museum of Guamá built with the original materials used

by the native Cubans, pictures and other objects are shown which reflect the aboriginal establishments in the area. In the whole place the tranquility prevails, the fine grass and trees like the red and yellow pines, the majaguas and the casuarinas. The facilities and cabins located in different islands communicate through wooden bridges, from where you can sight a good landscape.

In connection with the name of the Laguna del Tesoro (Lagoon of the Treasure) it has been affirmed that the Indian siboneyes converged in this place to throw into the waters as offerings to the gods, the gold that they had and which the conquerors looked for desperately. It is supposed that due to this it began to be identified as Lagoon of the Treasure.




  • Pick up at the hotel (Air-conditioned bus and bilingual tour guide service).
  • Panoramic tour of the south of Havana and Matanzas provinces. You will see the main local crops.
  • Comfort stop at “Fiesta Campesina”.Visit to the crocodile farm with free time for taking photos.
  • Boat trip through “Laguna del Tesoro”(The Treasure Lake).
  • Visit to the Indian Village or “Aldea Taina”.
  • Lunch at a local restaurant.
  • Free time to swim and snorkeling, beach chair and towels included.
  • Return to the hotels.






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