For foreign visitors, Cuba scuba diving is one of the most enjoyed water sports choices. Pristine coral reefs, clear Caribbean waters, and an abundance of curious sea creatures are just part of what makes diving in Cuba such a joy. Cuba boasts thousands of miles of coastline, which lends itself nicely to those looking to plan Cuba diving holidays.
Cuba is very concerned about the safety of the scuba divers and they never dive with more than 5 scuba divers per dive master. There are currently 10 recompression chambers in Cuba with highly qualified doctors manning them at all times. The safety record for diving in Cuba is probably unmatched at any other destination in the world.


  • Includes a boat
  • An instructor with international diving certificate
  • Isothermal diving suit, diving vest, regulator valve, mask, flippers, cylinder or tank, waist strap and ballast.








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