3 July, 2020

Havana begins de-escalation today

On July 3, Havana enters the first phase of post-pandemic recovery and the rest of the country in the second, except Matanzas.

The Government of Cuba announced this Wednesday that Havana, the only territory on the island, will start on July 3 the first phase in the gradual process towards post-pandemic recovery, joining Matanzas.
The other provinces are already in phase 1 and today, will pass to phase 2. International tourism, for the moment, remains in the keys. International tourists will arrive by charter in the second phase and now without restrictions in the third.
The Government's Temporary Working Group considered that compliance with the indicators allows the start of the first stage of de-escalation in its first phase in Havana.
The results of the work carried out have made possible to appreciate progress in recent days against the new coronavirus in the Cuban capital, where for seven days the established health indicators have been generally met.
The rest of the country, in phase 1
With the exception of Havana, the remaining 14 provinces of the country are already in the first of the three stages stipulated for the recovery of normality after gaining control of COVID-19.
In this sense, it was reported that the behavior of the first phase of gradual reopening that began in 13 Cuban provinces on June 18 was positively evaluated, after verifying that the health indicators achieved in these territories endorse a higher stage.
For this reason, the passage of the country's provinces and municipalities to the second phase of recovery, with the exception of Havana and Matanzas, which in its particular case will do so next week.
The first phase of the de-escalation includes, among other measures, the resumption of urban public transport and tourism only for nationals.

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