17 February, 2021


** The sanitary protocols previously authorized at the border are maintained; these imply the making of a PCR test on each traveler upon arrival in the country and repeating it on the fifth day of arrival.

New measures on air transportation and airport operations, from February 6:

- The frequencies of flights from the United States, Mexico, Panama, Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Colombia are reduced.
- Frequencies to Nicaragua, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname continue to be suspended and frequencies to Haiti are suspended.
- The arrival of flights without passengers will be authorized only to evacuate people stranded in the country, foreigners or people residing abroad.
- All operations in Havana will be carried out through Terminal No. 3 of the José Martí International Airport.
- Airlines must ensure that travelers travel accompanied by their luggage at all times, not being possible to transfer lagged luggage.
- Only travelers with their tickets will be able to access to the terminals.
- All people with purchased tickets, and who have a travel date after February 6, should contact the airlines or their representatives to find out about the alternatives.

New health protocols for international travelers:

From February 6, Cuba will establish new measures for the sanitary control of travelers from abroad due to the increase in the rates of contagion by Covid-19.
In a press conference, the director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health, explained that from that date the passengers who arrive in the country must comply with the regulatory isolation in institutions designated for it, and not in the
In the case of Cubans residing in the country, they will be isolated in authorized centers in each province, and both that accommodation and transportation services will be completely free. This category of travelers can also buy a tour package in advance their trip in case they want to stay in hotels designated by the country for the isolation of international travelers.
While residents abroad and foreigners will be taken to designated hotel facilities, and must pay in advance their trip for these tour package.

Mundi Tours recommends all travelers who plan to visit Cuba during times of COVID-19 to inform themselves and make sure they understand all the regulations to that effect in force in the country.

Monetary reordering in Cuba:

From pass January 1, the new measures began to be implemented as part of the monetary reorganization on the island.
- The Cuban peso (CUP) is established as the only legal tender in the country.
- The Cuban convertible peso (CUC) that until now functioned as the co-official currency of legal tender in Cuba, is withdrawn from circulation for which a period of six months is established.
- A single exchange rate is established for foreign currencies, taking as a reference 1.00 USD = 24.00 CUP.
- Foreign currency exchange / reexchange services for CUP will continue to be provided at the country's international airports.

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