12 April, 2021


CUBA reports about the development of phase III clinical trials and intervention studies of Soberana 02 and Abdala vaccines,which are among the vaccines being developed in the world in stage III of trials.

Total  subjects  to  be  vaccineated: 44,010. Vaccinated  with  first  dose:  44,010 (100%)

Total  subjects  to  be vaccinated: 48,000. First  dose  vaccinated:  48,000 (100 %)  

We  are  currently  in  the  process  of  applying the second dose of both vaccine  candidates  in  the  study  population.
The  population  controlled  intervention trial with the vaccine candidate SOBERANA 02 in Havana  also continues. This  trial  (distributed  in  three  stages), includes 150,000 volunteers  belonging to the risk group of health  workers,  the  biopharmaceutical sector of Havana  and  other  segments  defined    by  the  Ministry  of  Public  Health. 


No later than August, Cuba will have vaccines for its entire population 

The production systems have been structured so that, when the safety and  efficacy  of  the  vaccine  candidates under study is demonstrated,  to  have  millions  of  doses.
Within this strategy Cuba also taken into account the appearance of new variants  of  the  virus,  that  is  why  a  group of researchers from the Pedro  Kourí  Institute  of  Tropical  Medicine (IPK), from the University of  Informatics  Sciences  (UCI)  and  from BioCubaFarma, they study and model the new mutations that are  appearing  in  the  world,  and  others that could arise. 


Pan-Corona: Anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccine developed by Cuba and China.

Scientists from Cuba and China are working  together  to  develop  Pan?Corona, a vaccine proposal that they  intend  to  be  effective  against  different strains of the SARS?CoV?2 coronavirus and prevent Covid?19.

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