18 June, 2020

Fakta om Kuba

About 150 million years ago, Cuba was part of a submerged North American mountain range. Movements of the earth’s crust below the sea made the mountain tops appear above the surface of the water. These peaks became the Caribbean islands that we know today.
During the 17th century, pirates buried stolen treasure on an island off Cuba called the Isle of Youth. According to legend, this was the famous Treasure Island described in Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel.

The name "Cuba" comes from the Taino word cubanacán, meaning a centre or central place.

The royal palm is the symbol of Cuba. It occupies the central position in Cuba’s national coat of arms and symbolizes strength.

Official Name: Republic of Cuba
Capital City: Ciudad de la Habana
Type of Government: Socialist Republic
Population: 11 million
Area: 110,860 sq. km
Major Ethnic Groups: Spanish, Black, mixed ancestry, Chinese
Language: Spanish
Religions: Christianity, Santería (blend of African and Catholic beliefs)

Other News

Cuba enters to the New Normal Phase today
12 October, 2020

Cuba enters to the New Normal Phase today

Havana goes to Phase 3 and only Ciego de Ávila and Sancti Spíritus continue in the phase of limited autochthonous transmission. These last weeks the island has been having very good figures and the impact of the pandemic is declining, which makes us fill with joy because soon, very soon, ...
protocol of sanitary measures in tourism against covid-19
24 July, 2020

protocol of sanitary measures in tourism against covid-19

The tourism sector in Cuba faces a new paradigm in which travel agencies must be prepared to think and act on safety and hygiene, to minimize the risk of contagion with SARS-COV-2, a virus that causes COVID-19 disease, which has hit our country and the world in a widespread way.In this sense, a group ...