18 November, 2020

Sanitary Control Protocol for Aeronautical operations

Actions on Arrivals...

  • Travelers must sign an affidavit of health status form and deliver it to the health authority.

  • Travelers must bring a health insurance that covers COVID-19 or purchase it at the airport, for a cost of 30 USD.

  • Body temperature check & health status interview will be performed by nurses. Passengers detected with any sign or symptom of a transmission disease, will be evaluated by a doctor in a Temporary Isolation Room and remitted as a non-specific syndrome for a health institution in medical transport.

  • RT-PCR will be done to all travelers on the airport, informing the result on 48h. Five days after arrival, a reconfirmation second PCR test will be done, now at the staying destination. A fee of 30 USD / person will be charged to the airline for all the Health Control Services displayed on the island borders.

Other have-to measures...

  • The use of face mask is mandatory for all travelers inside the airport, and during first days of staying in Cuba, until they receive the confirmation of COVID Non-infected result after second PCR test.

  • Maintain physical distance of 1.5m between each person in the checkin areas, passenger control, public areas and lines, is also recquired.

  • All cargo and luggage, including hand luggage will be disinfected according to Public Health procedures.

Stays in Cuba...

  • Cuban authorities have to be kipt informed about the different destinations where travelers will be staying.

  • To guarantee social isolation, travelers will have them movements restricted and must stay at them accommodation avoiding mass events, until they have the confirmation of COVID-19 Non-infected result after RT-PCR test.

When departure...

  • Only duly identified passengers are allowed to enter the airport properly wearing the face mask and their luggages.

  • Temperature control will be carried out.

  • Travelers with respiratory symptoms will not be allowed to beard a plane, being remitted to a health institution.


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