Cuba is a unique destination, when you travel to the country it should be under the best circumstances possible. We provide you with a complete guide over the very best hotels on the whole island. The accommodations is a great part of the trips for travelers and with this very informational guide you can easy come to an conclusion regarding what type of place you would like to sleep in on your stay in the country. 

Mundi Tours provides you with a wide range of hotels in all different classes and price ranges. You will get a very relevant description regarding the respective hotel when you click which you want to read more bout. Explaining the room facilities, hotel catagory, the gastronomics, hotel related attractions, attractions nearby, a map showing where the hotel is located etc. Everything you need to know before making a decision. 

Casa Particulares, Note that we also work with Casa Particulares. In English, private houses. This is a very popular way of accomodation when it comes to visitors in Cuba.  You will get an incredible insight when it comes to the cuban culture and it is also an good way to get to know cuban people. When choosing this, you will always get acces to your own room, a private bathrooms, air conditioning, hot and cold water and the houses are always located at downtown. The hosts are extremely kind and helpfull.